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The Penrith Chamber of Trade and Commerce was formed in 1903 making us one of the oldest in the country.

We are a growing association that has the common aim of supporting one another and representing our combined interests in the community.

The Penrith Chamber of Trade and Commerce has recently undergone a transformation. We are looking at ways we can improve our service to our members, communicate more effectively and work together more productively. We are developing new ways of doing things to bring the Chamber into the 21st century and make a difference to our town!

From the Chairman

I am excited at being elected President and intend to focus the Chamber on making Penrith ‘Better for Business.’

Working with the Executive Committee, we are in the process of developing a 5-year plan which will focus on this mission and will result in a set of goals and objectives which we will use to measure our success over the coming years. There will be both short-term and long-term targets and we will keep the members informed of the outcome of this exercise in due course.

- Stephen Macaulay, President