Penrith Chamber of Trade

15th June, 2011

When I became President of the Chamber of Trade we were still going through the uncertainty of what was going to happen with the New Squares development and this was the subject which dominated the work of my predecessor Antony Penny.

Now the decisions have been made, work has started and everything will be fine.! Or not!!

Penrith is about to go through the biggest Retail launch in its history, with both Booths and Sainsburys set to open their Supermarkets within a week of each other in November.

This will undoubtedly impact on existing businesses in the run up to Christmas and we have to help businesses take a long hard look at what can be done to both limit the damage but also to capitalise on the extra people who will come into Penrith to do their shopping.

Through The Vitality of Penrith Group ,which we are very pro-active members ,there are projects in progress which will lead to Penrith becoming a more attractive place to visit and live and a scheme to provide better signage and information to make it easier for people to find their way around the town and find out a little more about the town.

This month has been geared around the dinner and hopefully all of you who attended had a wonderful evening and the amount of effort put in by Lisa and Richard was justified.

As you are looking at our new website , you will note that we have the ability for you to comment and we intend to use this feature as a better means of communication .It is our intention to post details of meetings and upcoming meetings in order to receive comments and items you wish us to raise on your behalf.

At the start of the year we committed to certain changes within the organisation to make membership a more attractive proposition. We are instigating the changes and as was mentioned at our last meeting now is the time for the businesses of Penrith to become part of what we are doing so that we are stronger still in our lobbying position.


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