Brunswick Road Closure

17th June, 2011

Presidents News

Following the news that Brunswick Road will be closed for two weeks from Wednesday 22nd June,we have made contact with Cumbria Highways who say that it is for sewerage connection work for Booths .Unfortunately this needs to connect to two sewers in the very centre of the narrow part of the road so any possibilities of one way traffic are not possible.

They confirmed that the contractors were asked to work longer hours to finish the scheme quickly but it is still envisaged that work will take two weeks to complete.

I have tried to contact Robin Hooper (Chief Executive of EDC) to object strongly but he does not work Fridays and I have also contacted Gordon Nicholson (Leader of EDC) by e.mail to ask for any help.

I will keep you informed of the latest as I have it



Following conversations with various officers from Eden District Council and in answer to questions raised with Cumbria County Council I can tell you that due to both waste and foul water connections being required for the Booths site (and the requirements to construct manhole access), Brunswick Road will need to remain closed for the duration of the works.This is anticipated to be no more than 2 weeks.

Booths are taking this opportunity to also make mains electric and gas connections and therefore this should avoid another road closure for this work.

I am seeking assurances that the works will be monitored in able to maintain the fastest completion time possible.


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