The annual dinner

24th June, 2011


I think we have just changed peoples ideas about Chamber of Trade Dinners.

That was a spectacular evening and as I was saying to Austin Powers, Stan Laurel and Elvis after everyone had left Penrith doesn't have many nights like that. They agreed with me and offered to come back next year !!

I would like to thank Antony and his staff at The North Lakes for hosting us and feeding us so magnificently and I would like to thank Lisa for making the event happen.I think I said at one point during the evening that if it had been down to Richard and I there would have been about ten of us sat in the Bandstand with a portion of chips! And talking of chips, the casino tables were a good way to finish the night , overall the event was a massive success.

Thank you for supporting it.

But now it is important not to rest on our laurels. We are already planning the next stage of development.

We want to keep you updated with all that is going on and as such will be posting updates whenever we have anything to tell you. Obviously this is a two way process and if you wish to comment on any aspect of The Chamber, or wish to pass on any news regarding Business in Penrith ,then please do so.

I have put a brief resume of meetings from last week for your information.

On Wednesday morning I met with Paul Miller from Sainsburys along with Scott Royal from Local Dialogue and Patrick Wragg the Store Manager for Sainsburys.

Discussions were had on linkages from the store to the town,possibility of new town maps being created showing access routes on foot and the methods of gathering business logos which are to be put on the walkways connecting the store with the town. We also touched on The Two Lions and this will prompt an awful lot of discussion before any solution is found which will benefit the town.

Parking permits were also discussed along with opening dates. Sainsburysare planning an event to inform everyone and I will let you know when a date is finalised.

Wednesday Afternoon involved a beneficial meeting regarding the New signage and Pedestrian movement strategy. This is a £130,000 project funded via the Vitality of Penrith group to deliver better signage and information boards around the town.

Following a short presentation to discuss the concept and be introduced to Spencer Hannah of The Knack (the successful design team from Kendal), we walked around town looking at the various points which could benefit from improved signage and information.

Spencer is very keen to deliver a unique kind of branding and signage design and I will post their ideas document on the site for all to see.

He has also offered to come and talk through his ideas and get feedback from Chamber , this will be open to all businesses in town and will be held on Tuesday 5th July at 6pm at the North Lakes.

Please note this is not in your calendar of events!!

On Thursday I was busy trying to run a business, write a speech,fend off e.mails from Lisa and then I had a meeting with Lisa and Richard to finalise everything regarding the Dinner.

I went straight from that to a Lottery Board meeting and after then helping Richard come up with a few jokes for his introduction I finally went home about 7.30pm. Message to Richard regarding your speech.Don't give up the day job!!!

Friday was a blur but thoroughly enjoyable.



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