What a week!

6th July, 2011

The impact of the closure of Brunswick Road on local businesses came to the fore, I had several phone calls from businesses requesting information and making valid points, last Monday I had BBC Look North, Border News and Radio Cumbria after comments on the chaos over Brunswick Road and the imminent taxi driver protest.

Rather than make comments without finding out more about the aims of the protest I spoke to Jane Peet and found out about the various issues facing taxi drivers over road closures.  Having made comment for the BBC about our concerns for the future of independent small businesses within the town I was then asked to appear live on Radio Cumbria at five past seven on Tuesday morning.  I am not at my best at that time but managed to get through the interview and get the points across that I wished to.

At work I fired off many emails to get to the bottom of rumours that Brunswick Road would stay shut for up to six weeks and these were finally proved to be false.  The town was really in chaos and there was a general lack of business, having had scaffolding obscuring the front of the shop for about six weeks this was a double whammy.  I decided to email all Penrith Councillors to invite them to a meeting, I also printed 80 invites which were delivered to businesses and received positive attendance from 9 Councillors and apologies from 2.

Frustratingly quiet Saturday.

And so onto the meeting Tuesday evening and a full room at The North Lakes Hotel.  There was a very strong turnout for what turned out to be a very positive meeting.  Topics covered were :The need for a period of Free Parking, better consultation on road closures, Town Council, better town marketing and many other points.  A full report will be published on here when time permits.


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