Updates for August

12th August, 2011

So its been a while since I last reported what I've been up to...but it doesn't mean I haven't done anything!!

We are now in the middle of August and the Fee Free Friday parking seems to be helping, certainly businesses I've spoken to are saying that they have been slightly busier..2 more to go, let's hope the trend continues.  Shame that EDC took all the credit for our hard work!!

I have also accompanied a Parking Assistant for a morning and I would like to say that...they are definitely not issued performance targets, they adhere to a set of rules laid down by Cumbria County Council and this covers Parking Laws county wide, they give as much leeway as they can (each Officer has an observed time limit measured electronically before they can issue a ticket), and there does seem to be a problem with contractors and delivery drivers deliberately flouting the laws on parking.

This does not mean to say that I think that all tickets are totally necessary but it made me aware that the Officers are only doing their job, and are doing it to very strict and detailed policy.

I also attended the Sainsburys event at The North Lakes Hotel which informed us of their opening date of 9th November. This was a strange type of event with cookery demonstrations and representatives of the various Construction companies, and the store manager Patrick Wragg who has agreed to host an exclusive preview to their opening ....watch this space for full details. Whilst not finding anything out fundamentally new I did manage to have some very interesting conversations with new people with a view to projects for the future.

I have held executive meetings to further what we are already doing and you may have now received  an invoice for this year ...sorry it took so long but as I have already said we are trying to make things better for the long term and sometimes things need stripping down and starting again. My thanks to Paul and Lisa for the work they have put in to get to this stage.

Can I assure you that we are working on your behalf to bring the problems faced by businesses to the local and County Council.

I would also like to ask for some help...As you may be aware EDC are looking into the pros and cons of a Town Council for Penrith and a report is due to go before the Council in September.  I would like to form a small committee to take on the task of overseeing our side of this topic and with all our support, making sure that when the time comes we are in a position to talk the talk, walk the walk and make sure that we do everything possible to get a favourable outcome.

This is going to go to a vote as it did 4 years ago, but this time I would like it to be driven via the business community so that we ensure a yes vote.  Penrith needs to get a Town Council and we need to make sure that we are at the forefront of the Campaign.

Please continue to watch the website for news and updates and remember that you can contact me at any time with concerns and problems within the town.



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