Meeting with Eden District Council

16th April, 2012

President Philip Cranston, Vice President Richard Utting and past President Kelvin Dixon met with council officials at the Council Chambers on Thursday 12th April.

This was an opportunity to meet the powers that be, and put forward the concerns of the Chamber regarding business issues as well as hear from the Council about what they are doing to support the business people of Penrith.

Not only was the meeting constructive but we came away with some real action points which will hopefully direct the town in a more positive way.

The main area of discussion was the ‘reinvention’ of the Penrith Partnership which will be given the task of bringing all ‘community’ parties together  and taking forward a number of local initiatives.
This is a real opportunity to make strides in improving the business and local community in many various ways but we stressed the importance of not making this another talking shop but something which will make a real difference to Penrith.

In relation to this there were discussions around the Business Improvement Area and a Town Council for Penrith.

Discussions also covered the Greening of Penrith, the perennial problem of car parking, New Squares, planning policies as well as how the Council can continue their dialogue with the Chamber.

All in all a successful meeting but one where we didn’t always see entirely eye to eye with Council policy. However, with continuing dialogue planned on a fairly regular basis, we feel that we can influence future Council policy for the benefit of businesses in and around Penrith.


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