Summer update

24th July, 2013

I started this blog on my way back from London a few weeks ago after I had been watching our ‘British’ hero, Andy Murray, win at Wimbledon. After 77 years, Andy did it for the Brits; it just shows what can be done with a great deal of grit and determination.

And that same grit and determination doesn’t only apply to sportsmen and women. It also applies in every walk of life and can even apply to a whole town.

It is nearly 6 months into my Presidency and during that time I have met with many people who are determined to make a difference to the town.
It seems very much like that we are seeing a change and some very positive pointers in Penrith putting itself back on the map.

Through the Chamber, our Ambassadors are working in their own areas to make a difference to the town.  Our ‘Ask Me Points’ are now up and running and helping tourists and visitors to the town.  The Penrith Partnership, with the help of the Chamber has put on a very successful Penrith on a Plate event which has seen many thousands of people flock to our town centre.  The planters in the town look magnificent and St Andrews Churchyard looks resplendent with its new area near the Mansion House.  And on the horizon we have the Halloween festival, and the Winter Festival/Winter Droving events.

But there is very much more to do.

On the Chambers radar are business rates, parking, young enterprise, a local shopping initiative and a number of other things which will become apparent over the next 6 months.

In all of these and more, if we, and the other ‘town partners’, can show the same grit and determination as Andy Murray did winning Wimbledon, Penrith will become a thriving town once again.


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