Penrith's Hidden Gem'

8th May, 2014

‘Penrith’s Hidden Gem’ – but only environmentally!

Under the grassy slopes of Rheged, Chamber members gathered on Tuesday evening to enjoy a wonderful evening looking around the centre.

Claire Logan-Stephens, Head of Visitor Engagement at Westomorland Ltd,  greeted guests and provided a fascinating history into Rheged and Westmorland Ltd. Going back over 30 years ago when the M6 developers first approached John and Barbara Dunning to the present which sees the opening of the new Gloucester Services.

Peter Sidwell, Executive Development Chef at Westmorland, provided amazing food for us and gave a ‘potted’ history (no pun intended!) of the development of the food favoured by Westmorland.

Rheged was buzzing as we made our way to see a recording of a recent live streaming of the Royal Ballet’s Winter’s Tale one of many live streaming events shown at Rheged.  Alas, the buzz was not for us…but for the full house awaiting the Mark Thomas Live Comedy Show.

A lively questions and answers session closed our visit.  It is clear that there are many opportunities for local businesses and Rheged to work together.  We look forward to encouraging and facilitating such opportunities.

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Evening at Rheged
Evening at Rheged