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22nd August, 2014

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It was last Sunday when I was approached in the centre of town by a couple from New Zealand.

They wanted to know where the public toilets were. Not wanting to send them there (they don’t give the best reflection of our town but they are on EDC’s radar for improvement thankfully) I pointed them to a local hostelry saying that they would be more than happy to oblige, which they did.

They also wanted some accommodation in a B&B of which, as we know, the town has an abundance.

No problem there I said, as I pointed them to a number of B&B’s which would fit the bill.

However, the most gratifying thing from the whole encounter was that they said, in their broad New Zealand accent, what a wonderful town we have. So beautiful they said, full of character.

How many times do we hear that said by people who visit our town!!

Beautiful, distinctive, historical, friendly!! Just a few words we hear from visitors but not so much, unfortunately, from locals.

Perhaps we don’t appreciate what we have and maybe now’s the time when we should all start taking pride in our town!!

Richard (President)


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