23rd October, 2016


I write to you in regard to Penrith’s biggest asset.  An asset, which, over the years, has become somewhat tired, old fashioned and under used.  One which holds a huge amount of history and which has delighted generations of local families and visitors since it was created in the 1920’s. That asset is:

Castle Park

This is not a begging letter but a letter which hopefully inspires you (and your business) to help in our efforts to bring Castle Park back to life.

The Castle Park Development Group in association with Eden District Council is working on plans to restore the Park to its former glory with exciting things to do and see. From new water play and children’s play area to the opening up of the castle and the surrounding grounds. We want to make it a place where everyone wants to visit and where everyone will find exciting and interesting things to do.

But before we can do that we need your help.

We attach a short questionnaire which we would like you to complete.  Individuals can respond by either completing an individual questionnaire (attached) or completing an online form by going to

Not only will it gather your thoughts and the thoughts of your employees (an individual questionnaire is also available for them to complete) but also demonstrates to the Heritage Lottery Fund (HLF) to whom we are making a grant application of over £1.5M,  that we have gathered the views of businesses and business groups throughout the town.

This is just the first stage of the application process (your input will be required further if we get past Stage 1) but one which will be vital to the success or otherwise of our HLF Grant application.

You will also notice that we are potentially asking for your help in other ways (Q4).

As I have stated above this does not necessarily mean money. It could mean services, skills and expertise which we will require for the development of the park if we are successful in securing funding.

Your response to this questionnaire is therefore of vital importance. Please take time to complete and return it to us as it is your opportunity to make a difference. Please note that the deadline for the return is Friday 11th November.

I am sure you would agree that Castle Park forms a major part of the fabric of our town. Let us all work together to make it a place we can all be proud of once again.


Yours sincerely

Richard Utting (on behalf of the Castle Park Development Group)


PS – For further information regarding the development plans refer to: )