Chambers ‘Broadband’ success

8th June, 2017

Eden Business Park has suffered from very low Internet speeds for many years, in many cases no more than 3.5Mb/s.  This has proved to be detrimental to the businesses on the estate especially those who are dependent on the Internet for their business growth.

However after a prolonged Chamber campaign including the enlisting of support from Eden District Council, superfast broadband is now up and running with speeds of up to 80Mb/s.

Andy Jones of G&S Penrith Ltd, one of the businesses affected on Eden Business Park, commented by saying: ‘The provision of superfast Broadband has been a problem for a very long time on Eden Business Park and without the Chamber chasing this up for all us, I truly believe that none of this would have been progressed so quickly,’

Chamber President Heidi Marshall commented by saying: ‘We have been working very hard to engage with all the businesses on the industrial estates over the last few years and this is just one example of the issues which we have come across on the estates.  We are pleased that there has been a successful conclusion to the Broadband issue following our discussions with various organisations but there are other problems on the estates that we are continuing to work on for the benefit of businesses’.

If you have a problem which you feel that the Chamber could help with let them know by contacting via [email protected]