Plastic Clever Penrith

10th April, 2019

Civic, business and community organisations within Penrith have come together to help develop a “Plastic Clever” strategy for Penrith to help reduce our dependence on disposable single-use plastic. 

It is hoped “Plastic Clever Penrith” will be a coordinated local response to the growing realisation about the extent of damage we are doing to land and oceans though plastic pollution.

In order to help the businesses and residents of Penrith reduce their use of disposable single-use plastic, initial benchmarking data will be collated by volunteers conducting a simple questionnaire within local businesses. Once collated, it is hoped that this will then help develop projects which will enable local business and ultimately residents reduce their use of disposable single-use plastic.

The questionnaire builds on work already done by PACT in establishing a 'Refill scheme' across Penrith, with many shops and businesses now offering free tap water refills to member of the public carrying reusable bottles. The intention is that the survey will prompt discussion about how other common forms of single-use plastic can also be reduced or even eliminated across Penrith. It will also help promote good practices for more sustainable alternatives, by sharing experience from shops and businesses which are already acting on this vital issue.

Organisations involved in the project include Penrith Town Council, Cumbria County Council, Eden District Council, PACT, Penrith Chamber of Trade, CAfS and Penrith BID.

For more details please contact Nigel Jenkins at PACT 01768 88266 or [email protected]