New Business Model Innovation Programme for SME's by LUMS

9th October, 2020

Lancaster University Management School are launching a Business Model Innovation Programme available through the Cumbria Forum.

This programme is designed for directors or owner-managers of SMEs who employ three or more members of staff.

It consists of three half-day workshops, which break business modelling down into three components:

Creating Value

Delivering Value

Capturing Value

Once the fundamentals of innovation have been established, you will visit each of these components in turn and use a blend of theories, models and practical activities to support you to explore how you can innovate to build flexibility and resilience into your business model.

All of this takes place in a safe and trusted peer learning environment to provide stimulus and challenge from like-minded business leaders.

• Articulate and understand value from your customer’s perspective, meeting functional, social and emotional needs

• Look at new, innovative ways in which you could deliver your value proposition to your customers

• Explore a variety of revenue models and income streams to increase resilience

This programme is fully-funded for European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) eligible companies. Visit our website for eligibility details.

This online programme will commence on 19 November 2020 and we are recruiting now.

See attached PDF or visit for more information.