Ullswater Community College Seeks Partnership Governor

16th April, 2021

This Governors of this popular and growing school which serves the largest catchment area
in England, is looking to appoint a new Partnership Governor.

The new Partnership Governor would join the increasingly effective existing body of
governors who set the strategic direction of the school and act as critical friends to the
Headteacher and staff to ensure that standards reach the highest possible levels, the school
policies are being implemented and the needs of the community are being met.

The school is at an exciting stage in its evolution and the governors are looking to build on
the school’s existing relationship with the local business community. It is hoped that the
existing work in the areas of careers advice and guidance might be enhanced and ways
found to forge tangible links with local companies. Governors who could contribute in the
areas of buildings and PR would be particularly welcome, though this is not to exclude
anyone else from being proposed. Some companies look upon service on a school
governing body as an ideal introduction for younger members of the firm to experience
strategic management and oversight.

Some governors are elected by parents, another by staff and there are 7 governors co-
opted because their knowledge and skills complement those of the elected governors.
Because UCC is a Foundation school there are also 2 Partnership Governors who are
appointed by the Full Governing Body from the local community. The only limitations to them
being put forward or offering to serve is that they must be over 18 and cannot be parents of
students at the school.

There are 18 Governors, who each serve for 4 years and meet as a full Body 5 times each
year. In addition, each governor sits on one of two sub committees, each meeting 6 times a
year and is expected to have a link with a department or aspect of the school to deepen their
understanding of the operation of the school.

If you would like an informal conversation about the role please contact David Carter, the
Chairman of Governors by initially by email at [email protected].